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Barwon River at Buckley Falls

Corangamite CMA helps protect people and assets from the threat of floods, providing advice to planners on coastal and inland areas subject to flooding.

Under Part 10 (sections 201 to 212) of the Water Act, Corangamite CMA has floodplain management responsibilities for its declared CMA region.

Key functions include:

  • To find out how far floodwaters are likely to extend and how high they are likely to rise
  • To declare flood levels and flood fringe areas
  • To declare building lines
  • To control developments that have occurred or that may be proposed for land adjoining waterways
  • To develop and implement plans and to take any action necessary to minimise flooding and flood damage
  • To provide advice about flooding and controls on development to local councils, the Secretary for Planning and Environment and the Community.


Statutory Role

Corangamite CMA co-ordinates the process for permitting works on designated Corangamite waterways and on floodplains.

We also manage the Woady Yaloak Diversion Scheme and the Lough Calvert Drainage Scheme, designed to prevent low-lying farmland around Lake Corangamite and Lake Colac from flooding.

Please Note:
Councils are the drainage authority and the responsible authority for managing stormwater flood risk, including overland flows.  As of 3 October 2016, Corangamite Catchment Management Authority will no longer be providing advice in relation to stormwater flooding including areas identified by a Special Building Overlay (SBO) in the Councils Planning Scheme and land liable to flooding under the Building Regulations. Please contact the relevant Council directly for any stormwater/SBO related advice or enquiries.

What is a Special Building Overlays (SBO)
These are planning scheme controls that identify areas prone to overland flooding. The purpose of these overlays is to set appropriate conditions and floor levels to address any flood risk to developments. These overlays require a planning permit for buildings and works.

Flood Information

The Corangamite CMA provides the following information in the event of a flood or storm event.

Flood warnings - Bureau of Meteorology flood warning information

Rainfall - Rainfall details for the Corangamite region

River levels - River height details for the Barwon, Moorabool and Leigh catchments

Flood overlays - Interactive map showing different overlays, including 1 in 100 year flood information. Click on the catchments tab to access flood information.



65 people from across the region responded the survey


46% of respondents live in a flood prone area, and the predominant form of flooding experienced by respondents is stormwater flooding (41%) followed by riverine (21%) and then coastal flooding (4%). Concerns around flooding centered on issues with road closures and access, and drainage impacts and lack of stormwater capability.

50% of respondents are impacted by floods either never or less than once every 10 years, 12% are impacted more than once a year.

Only 30% of respondents believe they are prepared for floods, and flood preparations involve having sandbags pre-prepared, various monitoring approaches, and a small number of respondents had formally prepared plans.

46% of respondents felt a flood warning system would be of benefit- particularly to allow increased time for preparation. A couple of respondents referred to a system linked to the fire emergency response system being of benefit.

26% of respondents felt that planning for flooding was adequate in their area, 38% were unsure, and 36% felt that planning was inadequate. Concerns were raised about the lack of credible data, planning schemes and zoning being inadequate or not representative of the flood risk, and of poor flood notification/warning systems.

49% of respondents believe flood mitigation works would assist their community, 43% were unsure. Suggested mitigation works included access to data and flood preparation planning support, improvements to drainage and run-off infrastructure, and clearing of waterways.


The draft strategy is planned to be released for public comment in October 2017. Keep an eye on the this page for strategy progress updates.

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